What to wear this Valentine's day?

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Festivities have come knocking. The ancient Romans may have been responsible for our modern-day of love but make sure to add your flair. Valentine's day might be a little low-key this year but this does not mean you cannot treat yourself and your loved ones. Holidays should be a time of celebration and not stress. We like to think it's a time for self-care even if that means paying a little more attention to yourself. Look effortlessly chic and classy without the added agony of wondering what to wear. 

Whether you are planning to have a fancy dinner date or playing board games in sweats with your friends, we have ensembles for you to scroll through and settle on your favorite look. Here are a few outfits to get the inspiration running.

1. If you want to look casual for V-day, we get it. Style this V-neck top with jeans and a vintage shoulder bag. 

Shop this look: V-Neck Crop Tops, High Waist Jeans, CanvasVintage Retro Bag


2. Not the type to dress up for holidays? The struggle is real! Simple wide-leg trousers with beige sweaters provide you with more legroom to breathe and stand out from a sea of red and pinks. 

Shop this look: Wide Leg High TrouserHigh-necked Knitting Sweater, Vintage Retro HandbagsWoe2 Sneaker

3. This is for all the girls who will never get used to wearing red. Try this gothic dress with chunky boots and an aviator jacket and to top it off, a gold accent bag. Now, this is a valentine look we can vibe with. A bodycon with a square neckline like this is perfect for a night out. 


4. Get in on this soft girl ensemble with a pink and red ruffle top, loose jeans, and a stylish Panama bucket hat. 

Shop this look: Ruffle Floral Tops Retro Loose Jeans tote retro Woe Slipper Panama winter Bucket hat


5. The nicest thing about streetwear is that you can dress up or down and still manage to look cool. Slip into these trousers to compliment the graphic sweatshirt, accessorize with some big hoops, and Voila, you are good to go. 

Shop this look: High Waist TrouserPunk Leather JacketUnisex Cosco SweatshirtHigh Top Canvas Sneakers   Genuine Leather Backpack


6. You don't have to be on the lookout for red signs. Sweater vests with black classy sock boots make a date-worthy outfit. We stand with team jeans for Valentine. 

Shop this look: Vintage Trouser Vintage Vest Elegant Collar Shirt New Luxury Handbag Comfort Stretch Sock Boots


7. Layer a black top under a cream dress with lace-up sandals for a simple dinner date. 

Shop this look: Ankle Lace-Up Sandal V-Neck Silk Dress Ripped Denim Jeans


8. Bold florals with a solid black spaghetti dress scream romance. The chained crossbody handbag can break the monotony. 

Shop this look: V-Neck Spaghetti Dress Vintage Floral Shirt Luxury Chunky Boots Buckle Crossbody Handbag


9. Aspire to look like Regina George from Mean girls. Real hot girl vibes.