Style steal with ASAP Rocky: All his best outfits.

“The way that you would market a brand or a corporation, is the same way you have to market yourself these days because a brand is no longer just a company. It could be an individual.”

In an interview with oxford union, he says, “ We didn't have anybody to tell us how to market ourselves. So I kind of had to teach myself and as easy as it seems--I don't think it seems hard but some people might look at you on a magazine or television and they just think that's just how life is for you. I'm speaking for myself when I say I had to work really hard for anything I ever got.” 

“ Not to just categorize myself and not speaking from a demographic but to be 26 years old and come to Oxford and to be walking down, you see people that look like hipsters, you see people who like hip hop and people who look kind of regular-- who look like they don't care what they are wearing. It's diverse and it shows the progress in my generation and I love it. “

ASAP represents a class of fashion enthusiasts that are not afraid to play with colors and clothes; Rocky is indeed a true style icon of our generation.

The rapper has been crushing it not only with his music (I still can't get "Praise the lord" out of my head since its release), but he's been part of the recent revolution in fashion. The rapper's style speaks to this generation's soul because he mixes high-end pieces with casual staples without breaking a sweat.

Stuck moving between homeless shelters and struggling to hone his rap career, Rakim Mayers had the odds stacked against him during his initial years. Charismatic hip-hop artist ASAP Rocky has come a long way since his younger days. ASAP Rocky was part of a hip hop collective in 2007 called the A$AP Mob, a collective of rappers who shared the same interests in music, fashion, style, and art. Since then Mayers has received recognition for his solo work and continues to change the aspect of modern hip hop.

And his style? That’s what we’re here to talk about. His style has grown in confidence. The wardrobe of Tommy Hilfiger sweaters, Rick Owens streetwear, and JW Anderson collection has evolved into an individualistic look. 

Today, he's not just a musician but an influencer in the fashion industry. Here is the list of “must-haves” for you if you want to rock A$AP Rocky’s style.

1. Simple jeans and t-shirt: To state the basics, most of Asap Rocky's outfits include effortlessly styled pairs of jeans with a shirt layered over a t-shirt. He likes to experiment by wearing different patterns or bold logos. Mix and match with different patterns and sequences. 

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2. Leather jacket enthusiast: We love minimalism here at BecomingForYou. If you do too, look out for ASAP’s signature outerwear. He always manages to stand out while looking effortless. A trusted leather jacket can complete a variety of looks. 

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3. Embrace the bright things: Don't be afraid to try out bold hues. Bright colors and neon hues might be something that is missing from your outfit.


4. Monochrome: Play the daredevil and dress in one color. Asap dresses in bright red-orange Balenciaga get-up and double denim.

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5. Dress in florals: ASAP can be seen wearing Gucci florals combined with a simple collar opened to a V-shape. Get inspired and come into your own with floral prints. 

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