Staycation: Off the Grid

Whether we want to spend these trying times digging into socially distanced sand or binging on Netflix shows, this has been the longest hibernation till date. Migrating around the world hasn’t exactly been in the cards this year. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this holiday at home by pampering yourself. Here is the selection of products for upgrading to a first-rate routine.

Hip Hop Hoodies and Pants Set

All the convenience of slipping into your pajamas but with a stylish allure. Get that casual look with this matching set of hoodies and pants.

Bonnet Beanies

Winter is here! Everyone needs a toasty beanie in their winter wardrobe. These thick and warm bonnet beanies exist to keep you cozy.

Woe slipper

Just like a pool slide but with an alluring silhouette, these slippers transform how you step into leisure.

Ceramic Wireless Curling Iron

if whizzing by salons is something you’re missing, treating yourself with this ceramic wireless curling iron is a close second.

Premium sportswear

For days when the sun doesn’t come out to play. Work out at home in this intangible sportswear and if you happen to go out, throw a sweatshirt on top to complete the look.

Steampunk sunglasses

Tangerine, rose pink, angel blue- sunglasses as pretty as these names sound and in steampunk design for the diva in you.