Spring/Summer Outfits: Becoming For You

Fashion trends change with the change in season. The fashion industry traditionally works in two distinct seasons, but we know the seasons do not work that way. Most blame climate change, but that’s another topic to cover. But because of this, catching up with the fashion trends and the changing seasons becomes difficult.

Was there ever a time when you ended up dressing up too hot or too cold for the weather? Just when you show up dressed up for the hot weather, the wind blows, and you are cold again with all those chills down your spine. Well, that is always the case with me. And this is the time of the year when we end up doing that more often. Dressing up for the ‘intermediate seasons’ can get complicated, I know!

But thank god! You have me :D. In this blog, I have assembled a couple of versatile and flexible outfits for you guys to keep up with the unpredictable weather. So, let’s get going.

Also, we might travel to ancient Egypt while reading this blog ;)

Outfit Number One:

This casual and comfy look will never let you down. Whether it is a date with your loved one or an outing with friends, you can pull off this look at any occasion, and this combination of outfits never goes out of fashion. With this outfit, you have the option to wear or not wear the V-neck cardigan, according to the weather outside.
Shop this look at becoming for you: V-neck cardigan, Vintage high waist jeans, Camica crop tops and Breathable sneakers.

Tip: Accessorize this outfit with an oxford backpack to increase carry space.

Outfit Number Two:

This one is for when the temperature soars up during the day. The chiffon floral blouse makes this outfit elegant, while the soft non-slip sandal makes it comfy and casual. Whether you want to stroll around for a walk on the beach or meet up with someone, this outfit is perfect for all. The thing with this outfit is that it keeps you cool enough for the heat while its long sleeves protect you from the cool breeze, which may sneak in sometime in the evening.
Shop this look at becoming for you: Chiffon floral blouse, Vintage high waist chiffon skirts and Non-slip soft sandal.

Check out the sandal of that guy in the middle.

Western culture traces the origins of the sandal from ancient Egyptian tombs, the earliest evidence dating from around the period of unification, about 5,100 years ago. The term “sandal” comes from its Latin name sandalium, meaning slipper.

Outfit Number Three:

Skirts are a marvellous piece of creation that goes well with every top wear that has ever existed. They have been here with us for so long that there are too many of them to choose from. The Cosplay mini skirt gives you the ultimate freedom of movement, giving you the sexy edge. While pairing it with a minimalist cotton T-shirt will provide you with a cute side too. To make the look a little more playful, wear a pair of white sneakers and throw on a bucket hat when it is too sunny outside.
Shop this look at becoming for you: Minimalist cotton T-shirt, Cosplay mini skirt, Alien bucket hat and Sneakers Y

The dress goes back centuries again in Ancient Egypt. Curiously the first ‘skirts’ were actually worn by men. These simple garments were similar to a wraparound skirt belted at the waist, called the Shendyt. The Egyptians back then made this skirt from locally sourced materials, which was flax (linen).

The God of Sun, Ra (portrayed as a Falcon), definitely was flexing his royal skirt.

Outfit Number Four:

Like any skirt, denim mini-skirts are also very versatile when pairing it with other outfits. Pairing it with a crop top, premium cotton shirt, and a pair of Canva loafers give you the perfect, comfortable look for the spring/summer weather. Just like the very first outfit, you have the liberty to wear or not wear the outer Premium cotton shirt depending upon the weather outside.
Shop this look at becoming for you: Denim mini skirt, Crop top, Premium cotton shirt and Canva loafers.

Tip: Pair this outfit with a pair of Vintage sunglasses to face the sunny weather with style.

Outfit Number Five:

If you are running late and don’t have time to pair different outfits, a dress is a perfect choice. Dresses are a complete outfit in itself, and it works every time! Dresses give you the freedom of movement while making you look elegant. So, why go for anything else when you can get so much from one thing? 
Lucky for you guys, becoming for you has a ton of dresses you can choose from.
And as a cherry on top, wear a pair of Rome suede heels to complete the look. As elegant as the name sounds, these pair of heels go with almost any kind of dress. 
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Tip: Wear a knitted cardigan when it gets a little too breezy!

I know, keeping up with the changing season and the fashion trends can be challenging. But here at becoming for you, we bring you a ton of trendy and on-demand clothing items for you to look through and choose from to make a fashion statement by yourself.

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