Shopping on a budget

Shopping on a budget

Like many in the apparel industry, I have an expensive taste for clothing. I mull over designer collections and practically go crazy for indie, local brands. While I curate and carefully select clothing for my wardrobe, I am still on a budget. Looking good doesn’t translate into haute couture collections or custom-made costumes.

Sometimes, the best clothing doesn't cost a fortune, if you know where to look and what to buy. A study conducted by Vessella (2020) in America found that 85.4% list price as a deciding factor for impulse buys, however, 26.7% would only purchase if the discount was over 50%. Once you identify a range of prices you should shop within, it can save you from impulse purchases. 

You don't need Gucci or Saint Laurent to make a fashion statement. And while these brands appeal to the chic-wannabe it girl in me, the nature of frugality always seems debatable. It is said that money is the ticket to style but in reality, you can look just as parallel on a budget. 

Shopping on a budget can save you from expensive clothes that you might never even wear or ridiculous costumes that look like you’re going trick or treating. Of course, I am not telling you to change your style or shaming you for what you want to wear. You like what you like, right? If you are a legitimate shopper and don't have an unhealthy addiction, shopping isn't the enemy. Once you know where and how to shop. 

Since spring is knocking on the door, I find myself looking for cool and effortless attires while alternating premium for affordable brands. So I thought I could help by providing you with our selection of everything under 50 dollars. I am talking about ruffle tops, stylish streetwear, and flip-flop sandals. 

1. Staples for every day

Make sure you have enough basics to complement a variety of looks. These basics include neutral colors with no complicated pattern that you can mix and match with most of your clothes. Simple denim jeans and a white shirt call it a pro. 

Shop this look: Denim Ripped JeansPrimvase Streetwear


2. Save up on layering

The best thing about this season is that you won't have to take a jacket everywhere. Did someone say Baywatch? Streetwear is taking over nowadays. Ditch the casual getup and get in on this sleeveless, strapped one piece. 

Shop this look: Primevase Streetwear and Festive Shirt


3. Quality much?

Always remember to look at the quality wherever you shop. There are some times when it is worth spending a few more bucks. Especially on items that you use every day. There's an adage: "Invest in your shoes and your sheets because if you're not in one, you're in the other." Here we turn to our best stylish heels that will take you to all the best places in life. 

Shop this look: Eggy Heels and Koram Chunky Heels (On sale!)


4. Stick to the classics

Classic clothes look good on just about everyone which include timeless looks, beautiful with simple cuts and neutral colors. If you prefer longevity over trends, classic style might be for you. 

Shop this look: Trench Overcoat,  Elegant Collar Shirt and High Waist Elegant Trouser


5. Making a statement

Graphic prints make up for all the boldness in an outfit. The best thing is that these prints require no effort. Dress it up with some accessories over shorts or jeans.

Shop this look: Basic Graphed ShirtHamenda Prime Shirt, and Strawberry Collar Shirt


6. Cheaper options

Menswear is much cheaper compared to womenswear. It can pay to shop for men's clothing if it's something like simple tees, jumpers, or even flannels. 

Shop this look: Lenin T-shirtMinimalist T-Shirt

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