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Vincent Vang Gogh

It is tragic that world renown painters that we now observe their work of arts in awe are only recognized after their demise. Meaning the value of the art and the artist is only respected and appreciated posthumously. Individuals like Galileo Galilei, Claude Monet, John Keats, Emily Dickinson; their art works and literature where never heard of until they left this world. One such incredible individual is Vincent Willem van Gogh or now commonly known as Vincent van Gogh.

The Dutch Post-Impressionist artist although had the creativity and the talent with his way of colors and and his unique type of brush strokes to his arts called the 'impasto' however, he sold only one painting during his lifetime. 
The most famous work of his is the 'Starry Night' and the 'Portrait of Self' both painted on 1889. However, many do not know is that Vincent suffered from anxiety, depression and mental disorder and later died at the young age of 37 apparently by suicide. Since then his works of art and the letters he exchanged with his brother Theo and his sister Willemien have been highly valued and protected. 

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