Modern Vintage fashion on the Rise

When we think of something vintage, we automatically get this perception that the item or the era of time is somewhat aged maybe back to the first world war. An item that has been out of the sight for a long time that baby boomer generations have a nostalgic feeling when they hear about it or see it after a long time. If we go by the definition, it would be an item or an object that has been long lost or is from a particular era in the past, that would be correct.

However, modern vintage design style is something that is rapidly growing in the clothing industry. This type of designs makes full use of clothing and materials of the past who had a depth of history to it but somehow lost its presence in this time and age. The possible reasons for such fading could be since fashion sense of wearing is never static, time passes by the mindsets of peoples' choice of outfits changes from season to season, any incident or an individual could lead to a massive change in the fashion industry.

It can be understood when the legendary rock band The Beatles shifted from wearing formal clothes to more casual clothes; such as turtleneck sweaters, jeans and sport coats. "In 1966, they spawned a whole new fashion trend when they began wearing more casual clothes." 
- Martin W. Sandler in How the Beatles Changed the World.It immediately influenced their fans to shift towards jeans and sports coat from the formal chinos trousers and blazers.

The Beatles

Now coming back to the topic, Modern vintage clothing happens when it is merged, the new with the old. This type of styling primarily focuses on recreating or reviving the lost fashions back by giving them a new look or feel towards it. 

Modern vintage clothing can easily set you apart in any crowd or an event. The ultimate secret to vintage styling is the careful and delicate selection and balance between the modern and the vintage.

For starters, 'Becoming For You' offers, handpicked modern vintage clothing that would suit the taste buds and the sense of fashion to our valued customers. I have mentioned some of the most ordered and positively reviewed clothing in our stores by our valued customers.

First we have a line up for women: 

Vintage Blazer

Women's Vintage Blazer

Vintage Corduroy

Womens Vintage Corduroy

Vintage Jeans

Vintage Jeans

Next up is for the gents:

Vintage Collar shirt

Collar tee

Aster Denim Jeans

Aster Denim Jeans
Vintage Hoodie