How to take care of your skin?

Taking care of your skin contributes to more than just your appearance. As the largest organ you have, your skin is essential to your general health. Starting a skincare routine can be daunting. It is not always set in stone what works for everyone. Everyone's skin is different. So the best thing to do is find what works for you according to your age and skin type.

1. Food and Water: Staying hydrated can make a massive difference for your skin. Keep your skin healthy by filling your plate with greens, whole grains and lean meat. 

2. Choosing makeup: Look for water-based makeup. Some products have expiration dates, even though they aren't required. You will need to replace makeup tools monthly or weekly. 

3. Safety and cleanliness: Dermatologists caution, you should never share your makeup. Simply put, swapping cosmetics can mean trading germs. Try to avoid habits that can irritate your skin.

4. Developing a routine: Consistency is key! Stick to a daily regimen to see results and progress. Washing your face, applying moisturizer and sunscreen are preventive measures to help avoid skin problems. Follow the correct order of products to apply regularly: