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On September 22, 1994, the show Friends aired on the television for the first time, featuring six unknown actors who rose to unimaginable fame levels. The show portrayed the lives of six friends living in New York City. Since then, Friends is arguably considered to be one of the most loved and enjoyed performances that ever existed. Despite the hilarious, unexpected and ironic plot, people find it very relatable to their lives even to this day.

Of the six main Friends cast, Jennifer Aniston turned out to be the most famous. Aniston played the role of Rachel Green, who was a waitress at the Central Perk. Apart from the fact that she is unbelievably good looking, it is her role as Rachel Green, people are fond of. They find it unrealistically relatable.

Besides the script and storyline, the show is also admired and remembered for the actors’ clothing diversity. And in this blog, I would show you some of the outfits you can purchase from Becoming for you to dress like the classy, sassy Jennifer Aniston, AKA Rachel Green.

Outfit one: “The one with a white turtle neck and a plaid mini skirt.”

In this one, Ms Green wears a plaid mini skirt with an off-white turtle neck and pairs them with a pair of high knee socks. I mean, come on, who knew you could dress up like a schoolgirl and still manage to look elegant? What so ever, Ms Green did prove that plaid skirt isn’t just for school uniforms.

To make things easier for you, I have assembled clothes available on our website that you can purchase to try out this look. You can thank me for that :)
Shop this look at Becoming For You: High neck knitting sweater, Top chic skirt and pair them with a pair of black Martin boots.

Shop this look at Becoming For You: High neck knitting sweater, Top chic skirt and pair them with a pair of black Martin boots.

Outfit two: “The one with a long sleeve under T-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers.”

I always believed that the show “Friends” was way ahead of time, and it turns out it is! With the long sleeve under T-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers, she indeed nailed Athleisure even before it became a trend. And the backwards cap with her pigtail hairstyle is just adorable. But we’ve got to admit the fact that Ms Green isn’t the best at football.

Lucky for you guys, Becoming For You has a ton of outfits you can look through and purchase to try out this look.

Shop this look at Becoming For You: Minimalist T-shirt, Chich joggers, High neck Knitting sweater and Super cushion sneakers.

Shop this look at Becoming For You: Minimalist T-shirt, Chich joggers, High neck Knitting sweater and Super cushion sneakers.
Rachel Green’s blonde, layered hairstyle, seen in the first season, was named “The Rachel” and was admired and copied by women worldwide.

Outfit three: “The one with denim overalls.”
I remember wearing overalls as a kid, but then they were called “Dungarees.” Slowly people stopped wearing them, and now they are back again.

Not sure what to wear? Put on a plain T-shirt, and throw on an overall and Wollah! You have a complete look in a matter of seconds. Overalls are perfect for ad-hoc outings when you are stuck, not deciding what to wear. And Ms Green appears to wear a variety of overalls throughout the series.

Shop this look at Becoming For You: Overalls Denim Jumpsuit.

Outfit four: “The one with a blazer and a white-collar shirt.”

Whether you are dressing up for a formal or informal gathering, the blazers and collar shirt combo never lets you down. This is the outfit you would want to wear when you have office work all day and have a party to catch up. Like the blazers, white-collar shirts are versatile and can be paired with any clothing, literally for any event.

So, if you don’t have a blazer and a collared shirt, go purchase one right away!
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While auditions were going on for the show casts, Courteney Cox, AKA Monica Geller, was initially asked to play Rachel Green because she was probably the most famous cast member due to her appearance in numerous commercials. Still, she refused and asked to play the role of Monica Geller.

Outfit five: “The one with plaid pants.”

Whether it is about pulling off a casual, comfy or formal look, plaid pants can do it all. These patterned trousers come in all shape and sizes, giving you the liberty to play along with any look. And nobody plays with plaid pants better than the fashion queen Rachel Green herself. She wears them casually while at home for a comfy look and also wears them for outings.

Fortunately, we have a diverse range of plaid pants available for you, out of which a few are listed below.

Shop this outfit at Becoming For You: Harem Trouser, High Waist Trouser, Chic Plaid Trouser.

A little bit preppy, a dash sexy and 100% covetable despite only taking home a minimum wage for the first three years of the show, Rachel still had the best wardrobe. From essential 90’s fashion to trends that still haven’t died, these are the looks were still lusting after (and how to recreate them).

Whether you are a Friends superfan or just a fashion lover, Rachel Green’s style managed to have an impact on most girls growing up in the early 2000s. Now is your chance to recreate some of her most memorable outfits from the show purchase the above-listed clothing from Becoming For You.

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