Floral Shirts, Flex them Flowers: Becoming For You

So, whenever I have a topic in mind to write a blog about, I do some research here and there, and this time I chose to write about Floral Shirts as promised.

Going through google, I saw an annoying search suggestion saying, “Do straight men wear floral shirts?”

These kinds of questions, opinions and doubts disgust me in people. Why does it really matter? This world is full of people who have a lot to say about what other people say, do and wear, and I found quite often that when the same guys/people who have a lot to say become the subject matter for conversation, they react negatively, not liking it and asking why do their choices matter.

We have to educate and avoid these kinds of mentality and perception in anything.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, Floral Shirts and flexing those flower patterns.

Bold fashion choices don’t need to be brash. It’s possible to work what would generally be considered a ‘confident design’ into your everyday wardrobe without raising too many eyebrows. The Becoming For You floral shirts are the perfect example of loud and proud slipping into understated.

The style works really well beneath a jacket with the slim fit cut, with just the delicate print and the floral collar to lift it above the commonplace. When the heat starts to piss you off, remove your jacket for a style that’s completely your own. For best effect, pair with a suit or trousers that pick out one of the colours you can see in the shirt.

You love it or you hate it; flower shirts. This striking piece of clothing always evokes a lot of emotion in people. One sees it as an expression of creativity and self-confidence, while the other regards it primarily as a sign of a lack of taste. So-called flower shirts, by the way, do not have to contain flowers by definition. Birds, branches and baroque patterns are also included.

Men’s Floral fantasy shirt is certainly a garment that bewitches every sophisticated fashion lover. A little exotic, a little eccentric and a bit hippie, the quintessential embodiment of spring/summer is what you need to complete a look full of style.

The Six right way to go Floral are:

Contrast the patterns with a solid shade

The floral appearance from head to toe is a bit tricky to pull off. Not every man can look dapper in bold and vibrant patterns. Thus, it is advisable to contrast the shade with solid colours. Either wear a floral dress shirt or a bottom featuring the sassy print. You can even pair the button down with denim shorts. Nothing can beat the look of a man sporting a dress shirt with white shorts. The floral printed shirt looks best with black jeans.

Match the texture

While the shade should contrast each other, the texture of the fabrics should match. This doesn’t mean that the material should be the same. It is the look and feel of the clothing that should match. For instance, the shiny bottoms won’t look good when paired with the cotton dress shirt. The trousers teamed up with a classic button-down will create a simple and aesthetically stylish combination.

Find a match for your personality.

No matter which pattern and shade you choose, the attire should match your personality. There is no limit to fashion, but the attire you wear should match your real self. Moreover, the colour selection should complement your skin tone instead of making you feel over-the-top. The attire that you are wearing should add confidence to your personality instead of making you conscious. Along with this, consider the occasion.

Accessorize properly

Just making the right choice of attire is not enough. It would be best if you did justice with the floral apparel. Selecting the right ensemble is the apt way to pull it off in style. Sneakers and lace-up shoes are ideal footwear to be paired with casual attire. An aviator glasses from Becoming For You can add a flair of attitude to your snazzy appearance. Since the attire is eye-catchy, go for the subtle styles of bracelets, wristwatches, and pendants. Avoid the bedazzling beaded jewellery.

Layer sensibly

Put on a jeans jacket, and it will add a masculine flair to the tender floral patterns. As mentioned above, matching the texture is the key. You can even go for solid-coloured suits. Conventionally, the colour of the suit and shirt should be contrasting. However, when the shirt is floral, the colour of the suit should match. On the other hand, if the coat features prints, then the shirt should be of plain colour. Just layer up sensibly, and you’ll be able to set your own style statement.

Choose the floral pattern according to your body type.

Even the print should be according to your body type. For instance, plus-sized men should not go for the big floral patterns. At the same time, very skinny men can try the sassy print. In case the huge options are confusing you, then it is advisable to try the subtle ones. Keeping it simple is always the best option to don a stylish look when you are baffled.


-Don’t wear with other patterns unless your aim is a monstrous clash of clothing.
- Coordinate your trousers by picking out a shade within your shirt.
- Don’t accessorise. Floral shirts weren’t made for ties or jewellery. The pattern speaks for itself. So, let it.

Keep these points in mind, and the floral shirt style is yours to command.

Ditch the summer style taboos and try the aesthetic dressing styles this season. Were these points helpful? Please share your views with us in the comments below.

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