Everything You Need to Know About Facial Roller and Gua Sha

So I tried the Becoming For You facial roller and Gua sha to see what all the craze was about.

This summer, jade rollers have exploded onto the scene as a cool, easy way to enhance your skin’s natural beauty without resorting to the traditional ultra-matte coverage concealer. A concept was backed up by a lot of history and a little bit of science.


The history of the facial beauty roller can be traced back to China. These lovely instruments were previously employed by the wealthy to maintain their skin looking young and their women looking young. Jade, often known as the “Stone of Heaven,” was and continues to be a sought-after cool green stone that is both beautiful and practical. Mayans and Egyptians employed jade’s naturally cold characteristics to help with muscle relief in massage in ancient times.

Facial rollers were used in Chinese skincare long before they became a trademark of the self-care Instagram. Jade rollers, like gua sha tools, have been used for generations to relax, massage, and preserve the skin, and they’ve been increasingly popular in Western beauty routines in recent years. Despite its long history, the jade roller’s effectiveness has been questioned.

This is a tool that Chinese empresses and emperors have used for generations. However, the custom is no longer exclusive to the wealthy or to antiquity. Many people in Asia still use it now, and it has become a part of their skincare routine. The rollers themselves aren’t always made of jade; they’re typically made of rose quartz, amethyst, or other semi-precious stones, but they all serve the same purpose. To enjoy its effects, simply lightly roll it over your skin, as the name suggests. This tool is intended for use on the entire face, neck, and décolleté. There are also smaller jade rollers developed specifically for the eyes.

Crystals and Chinese medicine

They are small-handled wands made of gemstone jade that is used as a massaging instrument on the face. They can be used all over your face, but particularly beneath your eyes. Their major goal is to de-puff the skin and aid lymphatic drainage, resulting in long-term youthful skin.

The phrase Gua Sha is divided into two parts: “gua” refers to scraping with a specifically designed tool (typically made of a precious stone with healing characteristics) and “sha” refers to the redness of the skin that results from the scraping.

Gua sha is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that involves scraping a tool, stone, or one’s own hands across various parts of the body to relieve muscle tightness, discomfort, and certain ailments, as well as improving blood flow. This technique, like others in Chinese medicine, has been passed down down the years and is based on the concept of a link between one’s mind, body, and spirit. Facial gua sha uses the same techniques as body gua sha to alleviate skin concerns such as redness, wrinkles, muscle or joint pain, and suppleness.

Study finds evidence for benefits of facial massage rollers
New research has found that facial massage rollers can increase skin blood flow during, and for more than ten minutes after, their use. They can also improve vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) in the long term.

Why do you need a facial roller?

So what’s the deal with folks rubbing crystals on their faces? Because crystals are naturally cool stones, massaging your face with them can actually help.

Facial rollers operate similarly to massage in that they softly work the tissue of your face to relax muscles and discharge toxin buildup. As a result, your skin will be tighter and brighter, with a more even tone.

Lymphatic drainage and de-puffing

Massaging the face and neck pushes fluids and toxins into the lymphatic channels which are eventually drained away by the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is a part of your body. Your lymphatic system is continually collecting toxins and transporting them to your body’s waste systems. However, life’s overexposure to chemicals can sometimes overwhelm this lymph, causing them to hold on to more pollutants than they should.

Massaging your face with a roller is said to help reawaken this lymph and get things going again, so improving overall circulation and reducing puffiness, particularly around the eyes.

Better product absorption

Jade rollers are a terrific method to get more out of your skincare products, in addition to increasing circulation and reducing puffiness. Using your roller to apply moisturizers and anti-ageing serums ensures optimal absorption and prevent your fingers from overworking the delicate skin around your eyes. It is another terrific way to not contaminate your face with the germs on your hands.

Increased circulation

Facial rollers increase blood flow to your skin cells, which can aid in the removal of toxins, the brightening of your skin tone, and the firming of your skin. Facial rolling can stimulate blood circulation which results in a brighter, firmer and healthier.

Soothing skin

Jade rollers are cool to the touch by nature (or you can store your rose quartz roller in the fridge). This coldness is absorbed into your skin, tightening pores and reducing irritation and puffiness.

How to use it?

Follow these steps before starting:

1, Storing the roller in the fridge: The cool temperature of the stone can help to alleviate puffiness.

2. Cleansing properties: conform to your usual skincare routine, this involves cleansing your face before applying the roller.

3. Apply a serum, toner or moisturizer: one of the key precautions is not to use facial rollers and gua sha on dry skin. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your skin moist and clean before application.

How to apply

  1. The right roller for the right part: The small part of the roller is for eye area and bridge of your nose. The bigger part is to be used on the forehead, cheeks and jawline.
  2. Gentle movement: Gently bring the roller in a one-way motion aiming for 15 to 20 strokes on each portion. Be careful not to pull on your skin too much.
  3. Outward movement: Rolling the fluid away from your face can help the lymphatic system to drain all the toxins.
  4. Follow your natural bone structure: for best results, be gentle and apply directly in the direction of your natural contour. Roll down on the edges of your face and then onto your neck.

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