Collar Shirts: Becoming For You

For an essentially unnecessary piece of fabric around your neck, the shirt collar can be a surprisingly meaningful feature. Can a bro truly bro without a popped polo-shirt collar? Is an obscenely wealthy man really dressed up if he doesn’t have a starched collar, as pure white as snow before a damsel in a hurry spills red wine over his shirt? And yes, if someone asked you to imagine William Shakespeare right now, the most recognizable thing about him would probably be that XXL collar that makes it look like his head is a different section from his body.

Let’s have a small history class about Collar Shirts 101

Going through some of the articles I read about collar shirts, I understand that collar shirts started way back in the 1500s. I’m sure you have seen old oil paintings of poets and individuals, and I’m sure you have noticed the abnormally, unnecessary collars around the neck that goes almost around the neck. So, these were called ruffs, and wearing these were like having a Rolex watch of a worth that could feed a whole village. The ruffs were a sign of wealth and superiority.


However, Ruff madness didn’t last terribly long; ruffs were difficult and expensive to maintain, even if they did give 1600s dudes that hot cone-dog look. The cravat — the precursor to the necktie, basically — came into fashion, and collars calmed the eff down. The ruff became detachable, and the middle-class people started designing their own ruffs that were detachable and, of course, practical. This led to the detachable collars, and slowly they attached the collars back to long sleeve shirts. And that is how, kids, the collared shirt was slowly born from transformations.

Okay, coming back to the present ‘manageable’ collar shirts.

What if we told you that you could nail the latest trend without a single swipe of your credit card? Intrigued, right? In fact, the piece de resistance for this of-the-moment look is sitting in your boyfriend’s cupboard. We’re talking the men’s collar shirt, and it just got a whole lot more relevant to your day.

When wearing a men’s shirt in public, there was a time screamed: “walk of shame.”

(makes no sense, but people back then, what could you expect) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Right now and worn the right way, it’s more likely to cement your place in the fash pack. Here’s how to rock the men’s business shirt like a street style boss.

I will show you some men’s collar shirts that we have at Becoming For You. Make him buy these, saying that he will look sexy in them. Snatch it after some weeks. Easy.

The Slim Plaid Collar Shirts
The Slim Plaid Collar Shirt definitely has the vintage look to it
Now this will suit him and you ladies
The Buttons and the hem prove the premium of this collar shirt

The Floral — Aloha!
Prepare for the summer season with Becoming For You Floral Collar shirts!
Pssst. I’ll be soon writing a blog dedicated on Floral Pattern Shirts. Aloha it is!

Most men do not pay much attention when choosing a shirt collar. Still, this detail is fundamentally important, especially for elegant outfits for special occasions or formal events, such as wearing it with a Gho, on weddings, important dates or galas.

Oh yes. A survey conducted amongst women shows that men wearing collar shirts is a big turn on. So you’ll better have some in your wardrobe ;)

Also, I have seen women often don’t wear collar shirts considering that they are for official purposes and best opted for formal events. I find that women can wear a proper collar shirt casually anywhere, and they would nail it.

To prove this, I will show you some of the many collar shirts that Becoming For You has to offer.
The Cranes and the Red Sun really brings out the character of this collar shirt.

The formality that a collar exudes shouldn’t limit your style but should serve as a gateway for experimentation: maybe you could pop it up; maybe you could tie that button-down, belt it around your waist, or maybe you could layer as you please, inside your Gho aswell. To put it plainly, let the collared shirt be a top-of-mind option for whatever occasion.

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